[complete!] Long Beach Fun! @ KLGB - 181350ZSEP18


If I do a Boeing gate can I do any Boeing aircraft to anywhere for example a Boeing 737 factory to Denver


Your in! Happy to have you join us!


Ok Great so I can fly to Denver right?


Wherever you’d like! Gates not marked with a flight are free for all’s, and is up to the pilot where to fly!


Ok thanks can’t wait!


Can this event be changed the date? I would love to participate on an event on my birthday, but I cant


Well, I would have to see with everyone, but if I can that could happen.


Sorry for this, but due to my school scedule and other things, the date can’t be changed, I’m sorry, if you want, you can pop in for some overhead flying in a C172 for a few mins as every departs.


Hey Ill take A10: JetBlue A320 to KPDX:



Your in! Thanks for coming!


A5 I’ll be there 😉😉I know


Yay! I’ll see you there!


Hey I will take ups gate 03 for f-16


Ups gate 02 I meant sorry


Your in!! Thanks for coming!


It was sad to see that this was on training server, won’t come, especially because a known “troll” signed up.


Who is that? Please PM me the name, I only did TS because someone from my VA isn’t grade 3 yet.


Who is the troll? I don’t understand


I’m not sure either.


Hi I’ll take the FBO Global Executive spot in the citation if that’s ok