[complete!] Long Beach Fun! @ KLGB - 181350ZSEP18

                                    Long Beach Fun!

Server: Training

Airport: KLGB

Time 1350Z September 18, 2018 8:30 PM

NOTAM: stay Realisitc, have fun, and enjoy! Runway 30 recommended due to it being longer that others, event changes and updates will be posted here!

I had to change the date due to plans coming up, sorry! If you have to cancel, I get it.
Commercial gates

A1 Southwest 737-700 to KDEN: @QFA_12
A2 American Airlines CRJ900 to KPHX: @flightsim12
A3: Delta Air Lines E175 to KSLC: @Lorne_V_Littlejohn
A4: Southwest 737-700 to KLAS: @QFA_12
A5: Hawaiian Airlines 767 (substituted 767 for A321neo) to PHNL: @anon11948201
A6: JetBlue A320 to KJFK: @anon87102400 B6-575
A7: GLA424,Great Lakes Virtual 737-800 to KDEN: @Cpt.Sparryax
A8: JetBlue A320 to KAUS: @Plnelovr
A9: GLA919,Great Lakes Virtual 737-800 to KDEN @DenaliGames
A10: GLVA A319 to KPDX: @Jakub_Zurek
A11: JetBlue A320 to KFLL:

Cargo Gates
UPS gate 01:
UPS gate 02: @trey_olstadt F-16
UPS gate 03: @Colin_Coleman
Gulfstream Gates
Gulfstream FBO 01:
Gulfstream FBO 02:
Gulfstream FBO 03: @SkysTheLimit87 C750

other gates
Boeing 1: @Lp9 LP9
Boeing 2: @pstoppert
Boeing 3: @Tucker_Ryan
FBO Global Executive:

More gates will be added if needed.

Ground: @Makdak
Tower: @Makdak
Departure: @DenaliGames

Please spawn in 10-15 minuets beforehand, if you plan to fly in, please arrive 20 minuets beforehand!

This event is to showcase the underserved airport that is KLGB! This is my first event, so please give me feedback on this! I’m exited to see you all there! Thanks for coming! PM me for questions. I will be flying around and taking screenshots!
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I got excited for this event until I saw the time


What’s the issue with the time? Does it not work for where you live?

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Nope it is at 4 for me and also there is no runway 26. In real life they use Runway 30

Aww, sad to see you can’t make it, I’ll update the runway info.

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@SkysTheLimit87 Will take gate A1 to Denver. See you there 😉

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Excellent!! See you there aswell!


Delta Airline by 777er heading Salt Lake City please but maybe

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Sure!! Your in!!! Happy to have you here

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This looked fun until there were no KSJC routes and the event was on training.

Oh and it is 4am for me

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Sorry, you can take one of the UPS routes to SJC, those are open gates, I put it on training so others can join, for my first event

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Oh my God, I don’t want to go to KSLC. I want to go to KSJC. Also, I can’t make it as it’s way too early for me (I’m not going at 4am in the morning)

Also, if you want this event to be realistic, it’s best to put it on expert.

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I corrected it, sorry for that, and the time is an issue for some, sorry for that. My next event I will change it to expert for realism!

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I’m actually Pacific west coast. XD

I go by PDT time (GMT -8)

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Oh sorry lol, wasn’t aware.

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Passengers check your calendars and book your flights! GLVA is going from KLGB-KDEN. Need help booking? Contact an GLVA representative.

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Can I do ATC both ground and tower?

Sure!!! Your on!!! Exited to see you there!


LGB is not capable of handling a 777.

Yea, that flight is on the E175.

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