[Complete!] KEWR to KDFW Flying! @ KEWR - 140800ZOCT18

A Newark flight to KDFW!

Server: Training

Airport: KEWR and KDFW

Time: 0800Z
October 14, 2018 4:00 PM
NOTAM: Hey! Please use a Airbus A320 in any livery of a US airline livery, when signing up, please state your call sign and gate number (if you don’t want one randomly assigned)

FPL: KEWR PARKE TOWIN KAYNE HOUTN 4012N/7608W LRP SAAME 3956N/7642W HYPER 3923N/7751W EYTEE COLNS 3840N/8010W HVQ SPAYD YOCKY UNCKL RYANS BWG LAJUG SOPIE LIT MEEOW 3412N/9354W 3349N/9508W 3345N/9520W 3336N/9548W 3327N/9615W 3320N/9625W COVIE LEMYN 3309N/9640W 3304N/9646W STONZ 3248N/9655W 3236N/9655W KDFW

Pilots: depart runway 22R, speed 240 until 10,000, speed 280 until 280, Mach 0.84 final speed, Cruise 33000. 32000 LBS of fuel needed

We will be flying from KEWR to KDFW in this event! Please be professional and act kindly to everyone! Decend at PITHY. Land runway 13R. Stick around afterwords for photos!

We will use the A Terminal for this event

Gate 11: @SkysTheLimit87 FOLLOWME
Gate 12: @Cpt.Sparryax GLA424
Gate 13: @Darpan Red5
Gate 14: @Ian_Mckillop United985
Gate 15: @Aiden_Hindmarsh NAAFT315
Gate 16: @Redrado Alaska 41
Gate 17: @bechrisair Alaska 17
Gate 18: @MacGyver RLGY1K
Gate 19: @N9827X N851RQ
Gate 20: @Randomguy12 Alligent 12
Gate 21: @Plnelovr TFC-022
Gate 22: @Alaska170 Alaska170
Gate 23: @Swiss199 jetBlue1932
Gate 24: @CaptAlex Red8230
Gate 25: @Oliverrosenfield SUBWAY
Gate 26:
Gate 27:
Gate 28:
Gate 29:
Gate 30:
Gate 31:
Gate 32:
Gate 33:
Gate 34:
Gate 35:
Gate 36:
Gate 37:
Gate 38:
Gate 39:

Newark ATC
EWR ground: @QFA_12
EWR tower: @IF_Aviation1
EWR Departure: @FirstClassLuxury
Dallas ATC
DFW Approach: @QFA_12
DFW Tower: @IF_Aviation1
DFW Ground: @FirstClassLuxury

DFW Tower, please spawn in 3 hours and 30 minuets after the event is scheduled this due to flight time.

Stick around afterwards for some event photos! Thanks for coming!

Photo: https://www.tripsavvy.com/getting-to-and-from-ewr-airport-1612052

I made this topic a wiki so regulars can add themselves in :)


I’ll take Gate 12, callsign GLA424

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Thanks for coming, I’ll add you in!

I would like to join

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Choose a gate and list a callsign ;).


Gate 13. Callsign RR777

See you there


I would love to sign up. Gate 12 please. Red 5 for callsign. Do we have to use a generic livery?


Generic is ideal!

Thanks for signing up, cya there!

If thos is on the weekend sign me up as Tower for both. EWR and DFW

Ok, thanks, can defiantly use all the help I can get!

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Is it on the weekend?

Yep, at least for me (EST)


Ok I will be there!


I’ll take ewr ground and dfw approach

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Thanks for signing up!! I’ll mark you down in a moment

How long is this flight?

About 3.5 hours

Okay and its sunday right? if so then ill attend same callsign