[Complete] Infinite Flight Livestream #4 Today @3:30PM EST - Frontier in Denver!

Infinite Flight Livestream #3

Hey guys! I recently started streaming again, and I’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of support I’ve received. I’m still shocked that what I do matters to others. I love to stream to fly with others, and this flight will take place on the Casual Server. Feel free to fly with me or just stop in and say hi!

Flightplan - Flight Time = 90 Minutes


Infinite Flight & In-Flight Assistant Giveaway

If you weren’t aware, I will be giving away a 1 Month IF Subscription and In-Flight Assistant will be given away for free (Thanks to @epaga) at 1000 Subscribers on YouTube.

During the flight your encouraged to use the Frontier Airlines A320, however any aircraft will do :).

Infinite Aviation

Here’s a little about me & my channel:
I’m an aspiring pilot and aviation is basically my life. I love to play Infinite Flight and other flight simulators. I created my YouTube channel a little over a year ago with no hopes other than to get to 100 Subscribers. Now I’m over 800, meeting amazing people and I’ve discovered that my channel is a part of me. I’m proud to be able to make a person day, or turn a bad day for somebody into a good one. That’s what motivates me to keep creating content and keep streaming. Thank you.

Thursdays Infinite Flight Stream:

Thanks to @Mavic for providing me my thumbnails :)

I’d greatly appreciate it if you could consider checking out my channel! 🙃


I hope to be there 😁


I’ll hopefully see you then 🙃


30 Minutes until showtime!

Everyone is welcome to come fly with us, listen to music, chat or just stop in and say hello! Alaska is a beautiful place, and this flight should have some pretty and scenic views. Come check it out; it means a lot to me!

Reminder that there is a giveaway at 1000 Subscribers! We’re hoping to reach our goal by the end of Summer this year.


If you weren’t aware, I will be giving away a 1 Month IF Subscription and In-Flight Assistant will be given away for free (Thanks to epaga) at 1000 Subscribers on YouTube. More prizes may be given, you never know!

Another Update - We’re a go for today! Starting in 30 Minutes!

We’re back on schedule! Sorry for the delay yesterday.

Welcome to my channel + stream
I stream and create Infinite flight and other aviation related content on my channel. I’m quickly closing in on 1k, where a large giveaway will take place. All support is greatly appreciated 😁

Todays Stream:

My Channel:

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I’ll try to join, do you know which gate/aircraft you’re going to use yet?

I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’ve decided to change the flightplan so that it’s realistic, meaning we will be departing Denver and landing in Calgary. Flight will be 2 hours, now.

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Ok, we’re set. We’ll be using the Frontier A320 (Livery is your choice). We usually determine gates during the livestream, but if you want to spawn in a certain location let me know and we can all go there :).



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By the way, I bought a yoke recently, and this is going to be my first full flight using it, so… anything could happen. (Be prepared to watch me crash!)
If I crash, I’ll come back with an F22.

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Okey. See you there!

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Now Live!

Come join and listen to music, chat with others and have a good time! All support is greatly appreciated.

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What a turnout! You can still join!

There’s currently 12 others - what a turnout! You can still join! We’re doing a landing competition at the end, so come how off your skill!

We’re starting descent! Mini Landing Competition

Come join and show off your skills! We’re going to execute a mini landing competition! Any aircraft - airport is CYYC.

Definitely butchered that landing… oh well, had a fun time flying with you guys!

That Concludes today’s flight!

Thank you all for coming- todays turnout was crazy! I greatly appreciate the continuous support you’ve all provide me with.

I’ll be live again tomorrow at the same time. If you’re interested DM me for more information.

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