[Complete] Iceland Journey - Realistic Canadian Icelandair Long Haul @CYVR 061500ZJUL19

Welcome to my Second Event!

First off, I apologize for the short notice. Me and my friends wanted this flight, but we were quite busy with exams and such. Even though it’s a 7 hour flight, we decided to keep it all the same as the RW flight, which a buddy of mine will be on this summer.

In this event, We’ll be departing Vancouver International and heading east to Iceland. I’ll be streaming the entire flight on my YouTube channel. There will be a link below - make sure to check it out, as well as my buddy’s!

Join Us

To participate, sign up for a gate or show up at the livestream to claim your spot! More gates will be added if necessary.

Available Gates:


ATC - @Ben_W
Gate 67 - @Zak_Plant
Gate 69 -

Gate 70 -

Gate 71 -

Gate 72 - @Alpha_Tango

Gate 73 - @illinoisaviation_yt

Gate 74 - @InfiniteFlight_World

Gate 75 - @Aly2120

Gate 76 - @MikeyFinn09

Gate 77 - @Infiniteflightarg

Gate 78 - @Adam_Goodman

Gate 79 - Lee Lindsey

Gate 81 - @Infiniteflightusa

Gate 82 - @InfiniteFlight_World

Gate 83 - @Etrain

Gate 84 - @frozendonut

Gate 85 - @JanRace

Gate 86 - @Infinitepics4u

Gate 87 - @Alpha1Aviator

Gate 88 -

Route & Information

Notam: This Flight is 7 Hours long. Feel free to join for a part of the flight and then divert!

Event Details:

Server: Training

Airport: CYVR - BIKF


CYVR YVR JANEK 5010N/12137W VIDRI YMM DUROT 5915N/10550W 6000N/10400W 6130N/10000W 6430N/9000W 6630N/8000W 6730N/7000W CANEL 6800N/6000W 6800N/5000W 6700N/4000W 6600N/3000W INDES 6457N/2542W INGAN ORTES GOMRO LUKAR 6359N/2224W BIKF

Time: 1700Z (July 6, 2019 11:00AM EST)

Aircraft/Livery: IcelandAir 757 (You can use another aircraft if you don’t enjoy the 757)

Cruise Altitude: 35,000 feet

Use ATC/Unicom Professionally and respectfully

Follow the route given

Stay Professional

And most importantly:


Brought to You by:

Infinite Aviation

Frozen Donut

We Can’t Wait to See You There!

Event Livestream:


Rescheduled Time

Please acknowledge the change in time! We’ve rescheduled the event to begin two hours sooner than the original scheduled departure.

If you’d like to sign up, request a gate!


I would like gate 85, please.


For sure! Gate 85 is yours.

I want a gate

I’ve assigned you gate 82. Is that alright?

Why can’t it be on expert? Most professional pilots ain’t gonna enjoy the noob traffic and ATC.

This event isn’t a fly out. If you’d like I could still give you the gate though.

It’s ok I noticed that after

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But thank you

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I had an incident a while back that reset my XP. I’m not yet able to rejoin Expert Server. If you know someone that could do ATC professionally for this, please let me know.

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Bummer, can’t do it. Your departing time will be 3am for me.

Okey. Thanks anyways :)

Really cool, may I know what time it starts in Hong Kong? 🇭🇰 I’m currently having holiday here!

2:00AM in the morning. Sorry mate.

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Aw, what a shame. Maybe next time 😉

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It will be 2:00AM in Singapore as well. Sadly, I can’t join.

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May I have a gate please :)

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I’ve assigned you gate 86. See you there!

I’ll join!!!