[Complete]Fly Bangor Inaugural Event @ KBGR 271800ZJAN19

Fly Bangor Inaugural Event

Welcome to Fly Bangor’s inaugural event. We will fly the route from our main hub to our largest hub, you have three aircraft choices, the Boeing 737-800, A319, or CRJ-700. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE IN FLY BANGOR TO JOIN THIS EVENT

Time and Date: January 27, 2019 6:00 PM

Aircraft: B737-800, A319, or CRJ-700 all generic

Airport: KBGR

Server: Expert

Flight Time: About 1 hour

Cruise Altitude: FL300



Due to the small size of the airport, we will add another spawn group if needed

User Gate Aircraft Callsign
@Will_Ford_Jr Gate 04 B738 FBA003
@Gabe_Z Gate 05 CRJ-700 FBA005
@MLG_Man Gate 06 B738 FBA008
@IF_Aviation1 Gate 07 B738 FBA007
@hi15td Gate 08 A319 FBA001
Gate 11
Gate 12

Regulars, this is a wiki, add yourselves. Also so that way I can add people on my account


Callsign: FBA003
Aircraft: B738

Hello, this looks like a very fun event! But I would recommend a bit more aircraft selection. Or if you want, judge it by your pilots ranks!

Have a great night / day!

The aircraft that are the choices were determined by the aircraft I selected to be scheduled on this route

Great, but you should put the livery that your pilots for the flight will be using.

I already did

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Don’t see it. If your’re talking about the photo I think they want you to wright it in text.

It is in text:

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Okay your good to go have a great flight!

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Is KBOS the required destination?


Yes, KBOS is the required destination, this is not a flyout style event


Jermaine Edward’s Gate 6 crj - 700 thanks


Callsign, please?

I got gate 06 with the B738


We need a callsign, thank.

Your in! @MLG_Man

-Infinite flight A320

Event is in 3 days. make sure you get signed up

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The event is in 5 minutes, please spawn in!

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Departure runway will be runway 15, and arrival will be runway 22L

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