Complete ERJ Family


History of ERJ FamilyThe Embraer ERJ family [a] is a series of twin-engineregional jets produced by Embraer, a Brazilianaerospace company. Aircraft in the series include the ERJ135 (37 passengers), ERJ140 (44 passengers), and ERJ145 (50 passengers), as well as the Legacybusiness jet and the R-99 family of military aircraft. Each jet in the series is powered by two turbofanengines. The family’s primary competition comes from the Bombardier CRJ regional jets.

My Thoughts: With the recent compeltion of the CRJ family, I think its time for the ERJ family. I have flown in many of these before and they are absolutely fantastic.

Hi Dan,

I think it would be neat to have these regional jets as well. However, we can only permit 1 feature per request per aircraft. Below you’ll find an ongoing topic for a feature request for the whole Embraer fleet that we currently have. Mainly the E170, 175, 190, and 195. (Embraer E-jets rework)

There are other feature requests floating around for these specific models as well. A simple search by utilizing that magnifying glass 🔍 at the upper right hand corner will yield you results from all across the board. Please use this feature in the future for other requests that you might have. If you come across an old topic that hasn’t seen daylight in over a year, feel free to message a moderator and request that it be closed so that you can recreate it.

Thanks for the help and understanding!