[Complete!] British Airways Virtual Presents: “BAVA Comair Celebration!” @ FAOR - 082000ZDEC18


@BritishAirwaysVA are there gonna be no more gates added! I would really like to come!


Of course! We’ll get some more available and get everyone signed up. Thanks for all the interest, this looks to be a great event! -AW


May I have a gate? Callsign: BAVA256


Got you down, can’t wait to see you there! -AW


Hi, can I also join your event. I’m new here and just made the Expert server, but I’m not a troll


Just over 24 hours to our event, and still plenty of time to sign up, with more gates still available! Just comment below and we’ll get you signed up!

Can’t make it? Track our progress on LiveFlight, Infinite Flight’s Leading Flight Tracker on the Web and on iOS.


British Airways Virtual Airline 2018

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That’s fine, what a way to get started off on the expert server with this event! We’ll see you there! -AW


Just realized this is a bit late and I have a busy day tomorrow, won’t be able to make it, take me off the list please.


i will take a gate please BAVA363


Sorry to hear you can’t make it! There’s always next time, I’ll remove you from our list. -AW


I saw that, I’m sure he won’t be doing any crashing any time soon!

Got you down, see you there! -AW


Can I take a gate please, thanks :) BAVA0381


I would love to join


Got you both down! See you both in 2hrs 30!


I’ll take a gate please… Alaska170


Got you down, see you very soon! -AW


Hello can I please request a gate! BAVA0122 thank you!


Gate B13 is yours. See you there! -AW



We are En-Route! Track us on LiveFlight!


I was not really in this event lol but I took some Ariel pictures