[Complete!] British Airways Virtual Presents: “BAVA Comair Celebration!” @ FAOR - 082000ZDEC18


It’s good to see activity in South Africa.
It would’ve been epic to have a joint event with SAVA and BAVA to celebrate the 737 Comair and SAA/Mango updates. I wish you well with your event and I hope it’s a great success.


@Springbok777 Something for the future! -LS


Hope you don’t mind if take a gate! BAVA489


I participate in all the events of the BAVA, of course I will want a gate,
callsign: speedbird 116
Do I need to do anything to become a member of BAVA?


Guys which day is that?


@joslleymiguel_holand I’ve signed you up for a gate! Check out our thread for recruitment information! -LS

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@rubinedan It’s this Saturday, 8 December!


SB119. I’m coming to the event


@BritishAirwaysVA i think it should be 8th of December not November


I’ll nab a gate, Speedbird 055


tell me, are the recruiting questions related to everything in the link tutorial?
if it is this give me a few days to watch and prepare myself better for the test


All the questions are taken from information which is available in #tutorials. That should be your first point of reference.



@Jonesrox55 I have signed you up for a gate!


We are pleased to announce that @Xentorogamingyt will be joining us on this event to celebrate him reaching 1000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, which can be found here.

We will be live on their channel throughout the event hopefully with commentary throughout by the BAVA SLT.


I’ll take a gate! BAVA 109


I should be free. Non-member gate please.


Hi, i would like a gate


I would Iike a gate please


I’d like to ask for a gate. BAVA354 Thx :)


ill be there BAVA377