[Complete!] British Airways Virtual Presents: “BAVA Comair Celebration!” @ FAOR - 082000ZDEC18

Welcome to the BAVA Comair Celebration!

The beautiful Comair Boeing 737-800 is now represented in the extensive list of liveries now available in the stunning new update of the B738!
Join us in celebrating this addition to the fleet by flying an iconic Comair route:

Johannesburg to Cape Town International

December 8, 2018 8:00 PM

checked An official Event of British Airways Virtual Airline

Server: Expert

Aircraft: British Airways (Comair) Boeing 737-800

Departure: Johannesburg (FAOR)

Arrival: Cape Town International (FACT)

Flight Time: Approximately 2 hours

Date and Time: December 8, 2018 8:00 PM

Flight Plan

FAOR RAGUL UTEBA 2659S/2701E APMIN 2836S/2511E EGNOM 3240S/2011E NOKOX 3315S/1926E 3325S/1911E 3336S/1900E 3352S/1843E FACT

Flightplan will be available to copy from a BAVA representative on the day of the event.

Climb Profile: 2400 ft/min, 250kts to FL100, 290kts to FL280, M0.78 to cruise

Cruise: FL340 (34,000ft)

Descent Profile: Descend at 150mn, M0.78 to FL280, 290kts to FL120, 245kts to final approach

Fuel: Approximately 3 hours

Please comment below to be assigned a gate.

If you are a member of BAVA, please make sure to include your BAVAxxxx callsign!

Gates at FAOR

Gate A1: @Matt
Gate A2: @Adam_Williams
Gate A3: @Nichalas_Petranek
Gate A4: @JackH
Gate A5: @Jack_BC
Gate A6: @Liam_Smart
Gate A7: @Sants
Gate A8: @Chindle_1204
Gate A9: @Aviator_Airbus
Gate A10: @Max_burrell
Gate A11: @Moonlit
Gate A12: @loganklovell100
Gate A13: @FraserH99
Gate C1: @joslleymiguel_holand
Gate C2: @Clinton_Stack1
Gate C3: @Diederick
Gate C4: @Jake17
Gate C5: @callum5124
Gate C6: @Rishon_R
Gate C7: @Tommy_Botts
Gate C8: @Gergo_Bognar
Gate C9: @IF_Aviation1
Gate C10: @AviatorGamerYT
Gate C11: @21cabbage
Gate C12: @Captain_Teejay
Gate C13: @BennyBoy_Alpha
Gate C14: @classbravo553
Gate C15: @Flare
Gate C16: @Mohammad_Zarooni
Gate C17: @Alaska170
Gate C18: Reserved
Gate C19: Reserved
Gate C20: Reserved
Gate C21: @Xentorogamingyt
Gate C22: Reserved
Gate C23: Reserved
Gate C24: Reserved
Gate B13: @easyWig

More gates will be added as necessary!

  • Please ensure that you maintain safe spacing of at least 5NM at all times.
  • Make sure to follow any and all ATC instruction.
  • Please spawn in enough time to facilitate a swift pushback at December 8, 2018 8:00 PM

  • Double time is up for grabs! As always, this will be done for you by a Flight Supervisor.
  • Please make sure that you request a gate and fly using your assigned BAVA Callsign (BAVA0296, for example).

As stated above, please comment below to request a gate! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Event Managers @Liam_Smart or @21cabbage.

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Great looking event, in a great looking aircraft! Can’t wait for it! I’ll grab a gate, callsign BAVA0014!


I just flew out of FACT last night testing out our 737… I’ll be glad to fly into there with this event!


Nice looking event too. I’ll take a gate BAVA341


Great event as always, i will be flying the 737 so much thanks guys!


I might fly from durban then join this event or to durban at the end of the event. I’ll get back to you on if i am free before requesting a gate though.


I’ll do the flight. BAVA0148


What an outstanding looking event.

Sign me up! BAVA0296

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Looks like a great event.
Gate for me please BAVA0398

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I would love to come! Sign me up as BAVA 285!

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Another great looking event! Please assign me a gate BAVA0334

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I’ll take a gate please - BAVA332 🙂

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Sign me up! DLH1115E

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It’s good to see activity in South Africa.
It would’ve been epic to have a joint event with SAVA and BAVA to celebrate the 737 Comair and SAA/Mango updates. I wish you well with your event and I hope it’s a great success.


@Springbok777 Something for the future! -LS

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Hope you don’t mind if take a gate! BAVA489

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I participate in all the events of the BAVA, of course I will want a gate,
callsign: speedbird 116
Do I need to do anything to become a member of BAVA?

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Guys which day is that?

@joslleymiguel_holand I’ve signed you up for a gate! Check out our thread for recruitment information! -LS

British Airways VA Official Thread | A New Aircraft for our Fleet!


@rubinedan It’s this Saturday, 8 December!