[Complete!] British Airways Virtual Presents: "A Presidential Farewell" @ EGLL - 022000ZMAR19

can I get Gate 430?

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Sure! See you there😊-Max


This event is going to be the first thing I do infinite flight


Under 24 Hours until the start of our event!

There’s still time to join us and over 85 other attendees as we pay homage to our former president of our Virtual Airline. With a huge attendance promised, special flyovers and even an escort from GAF, this is an event not to miss!

Can’t Join us? Follow us on LiveFlight tomorrow from 2000Z!


We can’t wait to see everyone there. Don’t forget to monitor this thread for further updates, and why not share some pictures of the event here afterwards too?

British Airways Virtual Airline 2019

Email | Infinite Flight Community | Website


Final Notices from the Events Team!

Please carefully read the final run through of procedures and details for the event. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Pushback and Departure Times

BAVA 2000Z - Runway 09R
DLVA 2000Z - Runway 09L
FVA 2015Z - Runway 09R
AIVA 2015Z - Runway 09L
SIVA 2025Z - Runway 09R
VGVA 2025 - Runway 09L
IFAE 2035Z - Runway 09R
NSV 2035Z - Runway 09L
IFGAC 2045Z - Runway 09R
IAV 2045Z - Runway 09L
ASVA 2100Z - Runway 09R
AAVA 2100Z - Runway 09L

We kindly ask all pilots to spawn at their assigned gates no later than 5 minutes before your designated push and taxi time. A member of staff from your VA will have the specific FPL, this can also be copied from the event thread above. Please do not request pushback before your departure time and respect ATC at all times.
The flight plan is to be followed from the second your gear leaves the runway at Heathrow! Please do not deviate until tuned in and vectored by approach in LEPA

Enjoy the event and let’s give @Matt the send off he deserves!

-BAVA Events Team


Do I have to be a part of a VA to attend this event?

Not at all, you’re more than welcome to sign up as an Infinite Flight community member.

Alright! May I take Gate 431?

Sure! Gate 431 is all yours! I will also add you to a pm with details for all IFC members attending -Max

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Thank you! See you there!


Cant wait to come, it will be so packed!

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It sure will! See you later! -MB

Im really sorry, i cant attend this event anymore.


Sorry to here this, You have now been removed from the gate list.



I’ll be in EGLC watching you all take off when the time comes :) . I don’t want to take anyone’s gate by accident, but… I do want to somehow show my support :) . Thats most likely where I’ll get my pictures from :)


Also, I might or might not do an aerial picture from 15,000 feet in the air before everyone departs (15 minutes before the first group takes off). Possibly 20,000. But I wanted to do something special :)

sorry, will be withdrawing

Due to the limit of 100 tags per a post 🎉 gates will be assigned in this thread

IFAE gates

|Gate 401|| @Doug_Hamilton
|Gate 402|| @Lars
|Gate 403||
|Remote 404|| @Nate_Schneller
|Gate 405||
|Gate 406| @Darius_Glover
|Gate 407||
|Gate 408||
|Gate 409|| @Cbro4
|Gate 410|| @natedog508
|Gate 411|| @nmasterson
|Gate 412|| @Chris_Hoover
|Gate 414||
|Gate 415||
|Gate 417||
|Gate 419||
|Gate 420||



How many people are actually coming today?!


There are over a hundred people attending 🙃

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