[Complete]Beautiful Japan Fly-Out @ RJTT - 031400ZNOV18

Beautiful Japan Fly-Out

Picture Credit: https://www.planespotters.net/photos/airport/Tokyo-Haneda-International-HND-RJTT?sort=reg

Welcome to another @ATCEG_Gabe_Z event! This event included all over Japan from North to South. Our main airport is RJTT. We will using different aircraft, livery, and routes as well.

Training Server

RJTT or known as Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)

Saturday, November 3, 2018, 15:00 Zulu
November 3, 2018 3:00 PM

Information down in Route Section.


  • Please follow ATC Intersuction all of time.
  • Trolling will make you banned from my event, so behave.
  • All flight is less than 2 hours.
  • I will not accept for your violation and crash.
  • Must have 500 or more operations to controll this aiport.
  • If you want to make your own route, please PM me, @ATCEG_Gabe_Z

All route is based on random, popularity, and I decide which route.


Departure-Arrival Aircraft Flight Time
RJTT-RJCC Bombardier CRJ-200 About 1:20
RJTT-RJAA TBM-930 About 0:45
RJTT-RJFM Airbus A319 About 1:15
RJTT-RJOM Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 About 1:15
RJTT-RJOK Boeing 717-200 About 1:05
RJTT-RJAN Bombardier CRJ-200 About 0:20
RJTT-RJSK ERJ-190 About 0:50


Spawn at RJTT

Gate Airport Username Callsign
Terminal 1 001 RJCC @Tnel ANA-101
Terminal 1 002 RJCC ANA-102
Terminal 1 003 RJCC ANA-103
Terminal 1 004 RJCC ANA-104
Terminal 1 005 RJCC ANA-105
Terminal 1 006 RJAA ANA-201
Terminal 1 007 RJAA ANA-202
Terminal 1 008 RJAA ANA-203
Terminal 1 009 RJAA ANA-204
Terminal 1 011 RJFM @BlueAcidball ANA-301
Terminal 1 012 RJFM ANA-302
Terminal 1 013 RJFM ANA-303
Terminal 1 016 RJOM @Rishon_R ANA-401
Terminal 1 017 RJOM ANA-402
Terminal 1 018 RJOM ANA-403
Terminal 1 021 RJOK ANA-501
Terminal 1 022 RJOK ANA-502
Terminal 1 023 RJOK ANA-503
Terminal 2 051 RJAN ANA-601
Terminal 2 052 RJAN ANA-602
Terminal 2 053 RJAN ANA-603
Terminal 2 056 RJSK ANA-701
Terminal 2 057 RJSK ANA-702
Terminal 2 058 RJSK ANA-703

ATC Position

Ground: @ATCEG_Gabe_Z
Tower: @ATCEG_Gabe_Z


Nice event I see here
I’ll just say the flight from RJTT to RJAA is like 10 min not 45 RJAA is right next door and is probably 45min by car lol

Also u might wanna add some routes to some large airports like RJGG(Nagoya) and RJBB,RJOO(Osaka)
I’ll do a flight to my beloved airport RJGG if u add it

Edit: With the TBM it’s not that long either unless the FPL has it being that long


This route here RJTT - RJAA will be using TBM-930. So, it a short little fun route for short flight player.
Btw, people should see Japan Mountain/Beautiful and that why I choose smaller airport.

You just create your own FPL.


Will take a gate

I’ll take ANA 101

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Which callsign and route?

I will take ANA-401


You forgot about Japan Airlines,what’s up with that?

Hi, the zulu time after adding timezone and the converted time don’t match up.

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@SimpleWaffles I didn’t know there is Japan Airline, next time anything related to Japan I will put it there, thank.

@Rishon_R I fixed it, thank you.

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Rjsk we’ll be my destination and calsign QFA 12

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Thank for joining, but your callsign will be ANA-701

May I get Terminal 1 011 with callsign ANA-301 please?

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Thank for joining.

You’re welcome!

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Oh sorry dint see the calsigns there

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The event is 8 days, lot of Gates to choose!

This is my 500th post for unknown unnecessary

i have spawned

Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll make it.