(Complete and Departed) Photoshoot @ EIDW 220355ZAPR20

Hi guys does anyone wanna join a photoshoot at EIDW in an Aeroflot A320? If you are interested, let me know. We are also doing a trailer.

Flight Time: 4 Hours

Route: Copy FPL

Server: Training

Time: 0345Z 2020-04-22T03:55:00Z

Aircraft: Aeroflot A320

Was this supposed to be in #live:groupflights? And if so, please change the title.

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Not really it’s a photoshoot. I’ve deleted the flight details to make sure it doesn’t seem like a flight

But you’re asking people to come with you and congregate to get a task done that is within 3 hours. That’s what #live:groupflights is for.

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aha ok then so I’ll just switch it to group flights