Complete (9 Attending, 3 Gates Remaining) Let’s Fill Donegal- The World’s Most Scenic Airport @EIDL- 221730ZJUL19


For my next fly out, I researched the most scenic airports and on all the lists number one was Donegal Airport. I decided that would be the Airport featured in this event. It may be small but it provides magnificent views. There will be two takeoff groups spawning in 5 min. apart so when signing up choose the group you would like to be in.


Airport- EIDL (Donegal, Ireland)


NOTAMS- Everyone use Unicom and enjoy the landscapes.


GA 01- TBM to Waterford @AviatorJack - 5 min.- @
GA 02- TBM to EINN (Shannon) @N319CL -5 min.- @
GA 03- TBM to EICK( Cork) @Ben_Murtagh1 - 5min.- @
Hangar 01- TBM to LIMW (Acosta) @Altaria55 - 5 min.- to EIDW @George_Alazar
Gate 01- Aer Lingus (Q400 Generic) to EIDW (Dublin) @alphaaviator101 - 5 min.- @
Gate 02- Loganair (Q400 Generic) to EGOF (Glasgow)/ Dublin EIDW -5 min.- @Game_player

ATC- @Zak_Plant


I’ll go for it because why not. But Aer Lingus only operates the ATR for their fleet.


I know but there is no ATR in IF and which gate do you want?

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You know what? I’ll hop into a TBM and head to EIWT (Weston Airport).

I recommend switching the routes since this aircraft does not exist in Infinite Flight. Add a few GA Aircrafts Gates into local airports such as Dublin Weston, Casement Aerodrome, Cork, Shannon, etc.

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Thanks for the tip I’ll do that and thanks for joining

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I’ll take a Gate


Which one?

Ga 03 please

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Ok will do thanks for joining!

I’ll get GA02 in the TBM to Shannon


Ok your signed up thanks for coming

Can I have hanger 01

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Yes you can thanks for joining!

Hmm. These gates seem pretty limited. Here’s a tip:
I suggest you have groups of 6 take off in waves. One group of pilots goes after the other at specific times. Say, 5-10 minute intervals for spawning


Okay that’s a good idea I will implement that

Can I change the gate 01 5min

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Can I have gate 02?

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You are both signed up thanks for joining!

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Anyone else interested?

Plenty of Second group spots available and two group one spot