[COMPLETE] 19APR22 | 2300Z | FedEx Virtual Presents: TNT Tuesday [Running of the Bulls]

TNT Tuesdays Return: Running of the Bulls!!!

Come and join us in our on going TNT Series


Hey guys! Welcome to TNT TUESDAY! This Tuesday we Run with the Bulls, Get your running shoes on and be sure not to wear Red.

Departure: EDDM
Arrival: LEMD

Aircraft: B77F (TNT Livery)

Flight Time: 2:00

Expert Server

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Looking forward to it!

This is going to be a great event. Can’t wait

Come and join FDXV and a bunch of our pilots. You don’t need to be a member to join us for this event!

Has it already taken place or will it take place in 2:30 hours

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According to the Posted time it starts at 5:00Pm in Los Angeles and 1:00AM in Paris. But for some reason it shows its ending in a few minutes.

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This will be at the time it states. Unfortunately I don’t know why it said it was earlier. 1900 EST 2300Z




Departure: EDDM

Arrival: LEMD

Cruise: 34,000 @ M0.84

Climb: 3500 / 3000

Speeds: 240 / 310 / 315

GATES: FDXV Pilots are in CARGO 901-907, 805N, 804N

Any others in attendance please find an Appropriate Place to Spawn.

Flight Lead: @NathanPreuss FedEx 004VA


We Request that all in attendance follow all instructions above.

5-6 nm between Departures

12-20nm at Cruise

Most of all, HAVE FUN!!!

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About 20 minutes till event start. If you would like to join start to spawn in

@AviationAlpha @Captain_ATK Were ready for ya if your going to be in attendance.


I can join

were glad to have ya. we have a flight plan all ready for ya

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It’s the TNT livery correct?

Sure is my man

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Thanks when is push?

About 12 minutes

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Okey dokey

I’m flying with everyone from a distance since I’m technically not part of the VA, but I still will fly with you all, albeit flying in my DHL Colors!
Hope that’s ok! 😁

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I believe you can join even if you are not FedEx VA

THANKS FOR JOING GOOD SIR. Were glad to have you here.

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