[COMPLETE] 06MAR22/1900Z Grand Canyon GA EVENT

Come Explore the Grand Canyon in your Favourite G/A Aircraft

Server: EXPERT

Airport: KGCN (Grand Canyon National Park Airport)

Time: 2022-03-06T17:00:00Z

Air Craft Available

Cessna 172

TBM 930

X Cub

Cirrus SR22



The Grand Canyon is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

The Canyon is Surrounded and filled with hidden caves. many of them are untouched by humans.

The Canyon was carved over 6 million years ago.

Air Craft Parking Areas

Cessna 172 (GA Stand 1-19)

X Cub (GA Stand 20-34)

TBM 930 (GA Stand 41-61)

Cirrus SR22 (GA Stand 62-73)

Spitfire (GA Stand 77-88)


Event is on the expert server so be aware and respectful

Follow all ATC Instruction or use UNICOM Correctly

Most of all HAVE FUN

Use This Thread to get your buddy’s together and come explore the amazing Grand Canyon


Hello! Awesome event, but unfortunately I can’t join :(

Also make sure to format your title like this :)

Example: 01MAR25 / 1700Z - My Amazing Flyout! @ CYYZ

I’ll be in the TBM

I would like to join but is 1:00 pm local or Zulu time??

The 1pm is your Local. 1900Z

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Dunno if I’ll make it, but I hope I will. Probably gonna take a good ol’ 172 for that then

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