[Complete] 04MAR22 / 0030Z | DLVA/FedExVA Flight Night Vol. 1 - KATL -> CYYZ

Flight Night (1)

DLVA/FedExVA Flight Night Vol. 1

Vol. 1: Atlanta [KATL] → Toronto [CYYZ]

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Copy of The History of Delta Virtual

Welcome to the first ever DLVA/FedExVA Flight Night! Where we bring together two great VA’s for a great Thursday night “flash flight” hosted on the IFC! Delta Virtual has hosted Tuesday and Thursday night events for nearly 3 years straight, while FedExVA has provided its community a great resource of weekly events and event series!

Event Date:
March 3, 2022 (For US Pilots)

Event Time:

How to sign up?

Sign up with the following easy template to reserve your gate!

Please provide:

Available Aircraft To Choose


  • A333
  • A339
  • A359
  • B763
  • B772ER
  • B772LR
  • B77W
  • B788
  • B789
  • B78X

The A380, B744, and B748 will not be allowed due to gate restrictions of aircraft size.


  • DC10F
  • MD11F
  • The 77F has been removed as an option as 77F gates are full

Delta Virtual and FedExVA have stood with the Ukrainian people and will not allow any Aeroflot or Russian Cargo aircraft to be flown during the event

If you are a member of Delta Virtual, and a Board Member, Diamond, Platinum Event Rewards Member, please post that here to reserve your priority pushback time.

Flight Plan

Cruise: FL350
Speed: M0.84
Cargo aircraft will copy FPL from FedEx 004VA, while passenger aircraft will copy from Delta 310VA


  • Follow all ATC instructions
  • Follow pushback order listed below
  • Cross-Complex departures are in effect! ATC will only depart a single runway at a time, to allow for spacing from multiple runways to be established. Aircraft will be lined up as able and held for release from Tower.
  • VS 2500fpm
  • Maintain 240 kts until above 10,000
  • Increase to 316kts once you have ~12nm separation with aircraft ahead


  • Maintain speed until 11,000ft
  • Slow to 240kts at 11,000ft
  • Slow to 200kts for base turn
  • Slow to 180kts for intercept
  • Follow all ATC instructions
  • Maintain separation, expedite off the runway


Gate Assignment and Pushback Order

All pilots MUST follow the assigned pushback order that are taking part in the event. Pushback order is listed from the top down.

DLVA / Pax Aircraft Gates

Aircraft in the passenger terminal will depart from 09L/27R

Gate Assignment and Pushback Order
Please wait for the aircraft above you to complete their push and start taxi before requesting pushback, unless instructed by ATC
|Push Order|Gate # | Username | Callsign|Aircraft|
|1|Concourse F01| @westwoodbruin86 |Delta 310VA|Aircraft|
|2|Concourse F02| @MDoor |Delta 425VA|A359|
|3|Concourse F03| @mwe2187 |Delta 40VA|A359|
|4|Concourse F04| @Kyle.r24 |Delta 653VA|A339|
|5|Concourse F05| @Doonies |Delta 492VA|A359|
|6|Concourse F06| @kylen15 |Delta 427VA|B77L|
|7|Concourse F07| @travelingcornstalk |Delta 528VA|A339|
|8|Concourse F08| @Gavin_I |Delta 150VA|A459|
|9|Concourse F09| @Aceorbit |Delta 452VA|A333|
|10|Concourse F10|@SirMarkieMark|Delta 878VA|A339|
|11|Concourse F12| @Gonzo |Delta 910VA|B772LR|
|12|Concourse E03A| @Mr_Young |Delta 989VA|B77LR|
|13|Concourse E11|@bbrockairbus |N225BB|A359|
|14|Concourse E15|@firstofficerernest|Delta 221VA|B772|
|15|Concourse E17|Available Gate|Callsign|Aircraft|
|16|Concourse E08|Available Gate|Callsign|Aircraft|
|17|Concourse E10|Available Gate|Callsign|Aircraft|
|18|Concourse E12|Available Gate|Callsign|Aircraft|
|19|Concourse E26|Available Gate|Callsign|Aircraft|
|TBD|South Cargo Apron 01|DHL Virtual|Callsign|B77F|
|TBD|South Cargo Apron 02|DHL Virtual|Callsign|B77F|
|TBD|South Cargo Apron 03|DHL Virtual|Callsign|B77F|

More gates available as necessary

FedExVA / Cargo Gates

Aircraft in the cargo aprons will depart from 08L/26R

|Push Order|Gate # | Username | Callsign|Aircraft|
|1|FedEx Cargo 03| @NathanPreuss |FedEx 004VA|MD11F|
|2|FedEx Cargo 04| @Jason_M |FedEx 001VA|B77F|
|3|FedEx Cargo 05| @CaptainOveur |FedEx 002VA|MD11F|
|4|FedEx Cargo 06A| @DJSunfire |FedEx 005VA|B77F|
|6|FedEx Cargo 07| @Sidewinder74 |FedEx 956VA|MD11F|
|7|FedEx Cargo 08|@chazdawg8819 |FedEx 018VA|B77F|
|8|Delta Remote North 01| @centauridr |FedEx 248VA|B77F|
|9|Delta Remote North 02| @Deakin |FedEx 222VA|MD11F|
|10|Delta Remote North 03|@dmulvin|FedEx 28VA|B77F|
|11|Delta Remote North 04|@alikalbk|FedEx 055VA|B77F|
|12|UPS Cargo 02|@sonar|FedEx 627VA|B77F|
|13|DHL Cargo 03|@captainWally|FedEx 527VA|B77F|
|14|UPS Cargo 05|@morpheus|FedEx 377VA|B77F|
|15|DHL Cargo 03| @Stick_theLanding |FedEx 009VA|B77F|
|16|DHL Cargo 02| @nicopizarro |FedEx 262VA|B77F|
|17|UPS Cargo 03| @Connor_Ferguson01 |FedEx 782VA|MD11F|
|18|UPS Cargo 01| @YT_MONTAGE |FedEx 926VA|MD11F|
|19|Ramp 20 (North)|@boeing737-8|FedEx 020VA|MD11F|
|20|Delta Maintenance 09|Available Gate|Callsign|Aircraft|
More gates available as necessary. Due to size restrictions with Cargo gates, we will have to mix and match to allow the aircraft to fit as necessary


KATL Ground/Tower: @mike116119
Departure: Available

CYYZ Ground/Tower: @mike116119
Approach: @ThomasThePro

Copy of The History of Delta Virtual

I am not a member of Delta Virtual or FedEx Virtual, can I still attend
Absolutely! This is an event for all of the IFC to come join in on the fun and see what it is like flying in an event with two great VA’s

I would like to join, but fly with my own livery choice, is that ok?
That is fine! We’d love to see the Delta and FedEx colors flying tomorrow, but if you have a favorite livery or wait to take part while flying for another VA, we’ll have you tag along as well! Make sure to check out the approved list of aircraft as this is a heavy-only event with a few restrictions

Can I get in a fighter jet and escort you?
We ask that fighter jets remain a safe distance away from aircraft and that all separation standards are kept.

Why do I have to follow a pushback order?
We are using event operations from Delta Virtual, it is a standard practice in DLVA to follow a pushback order to begin the event in an effort to help expedite our departure out of a location

Why were some gates taken at the time of the post?
Both FedExVA and DLVA have a priority sign up available for long time event members and its staff/support staff team


DLVA989 B777LR



I’ll take this one with the A359. Not in DLVA so I’ll just use N225BB as callsign.


Gotcha down @Mr_Young! Thanks for joining @bbrockairbus - you’re locked into E11!


DLVA 221 B772



FedEx Gate 8, FedEx 018VA, B77F


Hi. Can I pls get a FedEx gate (or remote) for FedEx 248VA. B77F


@FirstOfficerErnest , @chazdawg8819 , @centauridr - welcome to the party! gates are reserved!


Sidewinder74 FDX956VA requesting #9 Delta Remote North 02. MD11F


This is gonna be.

Discord Role (24)


Bro….how come you have two gates?

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FedEx 222VA, ill be taking the queen, aka the MD-11F

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Callsign : FedEx 28
Aircraft : B77F

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FDXV 055: Hi can I have this gate with a B77F.
Thank You!

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FedEx Cargo 08 FedEx627VA B77F

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because i messed up…😳

disregard this request please … i apologize… ive already signed up for this event!😂🤣

FedEx 527VA, 777F, requesting Delta Remote North 03


@Deakin, @DMulvin, @alikalbk, @sonar, @CaptainWally

Your gates have been assigned! looking forward to flying with all of you!


Hello! I’ll take UPS cargo 04 for Fedex377VA B77F pls!