Actually, not only do I ask you to look better, it really depends on ATC as it is in Training I did this to help I do not want anything else I will avoid ATC’s that do this because it is waste my time and I do not want to. But now surely there will be the alert for others who will certainly know better to see these cases.

Thank you very much for your attention.
And thanks for the help explaining the flap.

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So you’re referring to training server ATC? I’m lost reading this thread.

Let’s clear this up a little.

Was this Training or Expert?
Why weren’t your flaps on at 160?
What altitude did you stall at?

Yes, it happens a lot in training.
does not exist command to explain the tower that we are not doing anything contrary to what they think.

Sorry, its not easy to say this but if its training server and there is no other plane, he took you around for sightseeing, for his entertainment. Unless its do with obsticles. That you would hv seen it yourself.


As Gatwick said, If this was on TS then those controllers are randoms and some are in-experienced thus taking you ‘sightseeing’ (Random places)

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1 - Forget the 160
the complaint was only to show that:
2 - At the same airport the ATC sent orders that he could not fulfill and the reason was that he did not see me go through the curve point. If the order is to prepare me for the indicated lane. I would have made the turn before but where he sent and reducing as he wanted it would not give. the curve indicated by it was left but I spent much of the point would have to move on and turn right to return the approach.
3 - training

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in approach only I.

That’s why I filed this complaint. as I said to help inform that it is difficult not all but some err well. 2 weeks ago in some airports between USA and Europe that happens.

As it was training then the controller was more than likely directing you in the wrong way since they were in-experienced.

This happens almost every time to me on TS. It’s hard to ignore but you have to.


that’s all thanks to everyone.
See you in the sky.

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Happy I could help :)

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