I’ve been avoiding certain airports for a few days.
The reason is simple I do not know if it happens to you.
You take off your flight plan and arrive at the destination airport. All right track checked and then the ATC tells you to change. You think it’s all right, but when you’re going to land another plane out of nowhere and come in front of you and you have to change your plans. Worse than this is you plan a track you already know and the ATC gets you to obey an ATC did today and in addition to making me pass the curve point sent me with a 787-10 slow down I lost the lift and stol. I retrieved the plane and he kept sending me to obey and how to respond that I had no plan because he changed everything with orders that he himself did not pass me. I already had 3 more actions like this in other airports and with an A380 this is difficult.

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What speed were you at when your plane stalled?


160 and going down to the left

Okay the issue here is your not fully aware of how to maximise an aircrafts functionality. You can go down to 140 knots in any jet really as long as you use flaps. At that speed I would expect flaps being used, was this the case?

ATC won’t ever slow you down so you end up stalling, keep this in mind.


I’m not sure how on earth you stalled in a B787-10 at 160 knots. ATC never slows you down to an unreasonable speed. Unless it was on Training. What server?

No I was in a straight line and had already passed the landing point but as I had to follow orders from the tower I continued. He told me to turn left but could not give me the right to return and start the landing again.

So you weren’t using flaps then at all?

There was no such need I was not yet in the approach. was in the approach frequency.

Understand that flaps work based upon your speeds. Anything below 190 and you should start using flaps. I would have 20 degree flaps as a minimum at 160 knots.

Quick question. What altitude were you at?

The lane would be lined up if you had made the turn before and well before.
Seeing was fine until 170 I was in the queue but the tower would not let me make the correct pattern. so much that I have spent much of the curve point. I ended up giving up and leaving the FI. Worse is the second time today at the same airport. If I come straight to the track and from afar I announce my intention and the only plane is me. Why?

You should already have your flaps out by the time you get into the approach triangle. At 160 knots, you should have about 20 flaps by now.

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Staff understand the use of flaps but I think you did not understand I did not fall I recovered the plane. The complaint is orders that do not work.

I’ll give you another case, okay.
I am with an A380 in all right aircraft landing under full control. The ATC says: You are the number 1 already seeing the track I get another order. Turn around. so I’m not number one. Why did I prepare?

Message the controller then. We don’t know what happened only you and they do, I’m sure they were acting in accordance. If you aren’t happy add and ATC moderator and they can weigh in. There is ATC replay and pilot replay so you can get to the bottom of it. Right now it’s just your side of the story.

I agree with you.
That’s why I’m making this complaint. I have already seen other posts here about this same fact. I just want the team to see this so they do not keep repeating themselves to others as well.
1050 landings I think it’s obvious the flap has nothing to do with it. but rather to have me make a very closed curve to resort to the track that I have already lost.

Go arounds are normal. Just fly runway heading and follow instructions from ATC. Tower will hand you over to approach and approach will give you vectors back on track.

At a busy airspace you can’t expect to follow your own flight plan. Follow ATC instructions.
Expect deviation from flight plan.


With landing flaps set correctly ( which depends on the type of aircraft/weight), you shouldn’t stall at that speed. I have landed the 787-10 with full flaps at 135kts. Again this depends on how much fuel and passengers you were carrying.

No I was not following my plan that easy test I was from the beginning following ATC instructions. and the only plane at the time was mine.

Sharing a replay would help.