Missleading VA.

I have applied to join a VA and they guarantee whithin 24 hours of waiting for an answer with a rare chance of over 24 hours. But I neve signed up to wait for two weeks. Basically they are wasting my time which they clearly mention they wont on their website. I have documented proof that I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks, I’ve sent a help report to them on their page, I’ve done the application form 4 times now and I’ve even tried to contact them via IFC still no answer. I even see their members and owners in-game, and of that I have proof too. Please someone help me solve this and get rid of this deceiving VA. Everything they are saying is extremly missleading.

#support isn’t the category for this, preserve using the support category for in-app issues.
You can always message an IFVARB admin like @BluePanda900 with your complaints regarding a VA.


Please contact me or another IFVARB admin with your concerns via private message. Thanks.

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Which VA is it?

Sure will do much obliged.