I would like to form a complaint about the Air Traffic Controller ‘‘IFATC pilotsebi’’ of which is the Tower in Istanbul Int. So basically I turned base and was cleared as number 4 to land at runway 17L, as I was about to turn final I was called to extend downwind, however Why am I to turn downwind when I’m about to turn to final, it doesn’t work. Can someone in the ATC team please educate the guy he doesn’t know what he’s doing. And also for him to tell me that I will be ghosted if I wont follow his commands is ridicilous, he did the mistake not me.

@sebi-ue is your guy. Please PM him with the issue to figure this out (:

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You can talk to @sebi-ue in a PM

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Yeah I was really uset because I had to leave otherwise the guy would’v ghosted me and I’m not going to put up with that, I was flying for quite a while. Planes at final don’t extend downwind that would be a wrong procedure.

Thanks for the help.

Just PM as I said so you can work things out with him (:

PM the controller as mentioned above :)