Complaint - IFATC Chris Hoover

Tusday 13th November 2018.

So I’ve had a very unfortunate incident with a certain ‘IFATC Chris Hoover’ on a live flight just. Performing a straight forward flight from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf.

On approach to Düsseldorf I was given a heading of 200 and a descent to FL40 join other traffic, and then a heading of 150 to the top of the ILS to 23R. For no reason what so ever, and Without ILS clearance to 23R (See screenshots), Chris Hoover had reported me for failure to compete an ILS approach.

*My last instruction from Chris Hoover was “Turn left heading 150”. (Again, see screenshots).

How I’m supposed to complete an ILS approach without clearance is beyond me. I’m a student ATPL pilot, and find this quite upsetting to know that someone like this can control such a great community. Am now a grade 2 and don’t see why. It’s little things like this that make me think £9 a month is no longer worth the payment.


A very unhappy IF user.


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This will be taken to a PM, however changing your display name/callsign to insult a controller after the ghosting is unacceptable and we will not be tolerating that. I would have thought an ATPL student pilot would be much more mature (: