Complaint Etiquette

VA Community,

We hope you’re all doing well as we head into winter and towards the release of global flight.

We feel that the VA/VO community has been thriving recently, so thank you to all involved on both sides, and long may it continue!

However, we feel the need to address a small but growing problem involving a very little minority of users/VAs - standards.

When you create a VA/VO, there is an implied expectation of professionalism, always - whether it be an airline, airforce, cost guard, flight group, aerobatics organization or anything else.

Hence we would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that leading and being a part of a virtual group is a privilege and not a right. Whether your VA/VO is more casual, relaxed etc, there will be an expectation for the organization to interact in a mature and civil manner with other VOs, VO members, VO leaders, and the community as a whole on all platforms whether it be privately or publicly.

Everybody here has a responsibility to realize that a large portion of the community userbase is young, and so should be provided with a stable, civil, and age-appropriate environment.

In addition, we really want to emphasize that some of the petty nonsense that perhaps we used to be lenient with, isn’t being tolerated these days. There’s not going to be much patience for childish behavior. Thankfully this isn’t an issue with 95% of you but we feel it still needs to be said.

Making a complaint

When recently receiving complaints, they have been hard to interpret and subsequently deal with. For this reason, we ask that all future reports follow the template shown below;

  • Your IFC Username

  • Your VA/VO

  • The VA/VO and users in question

  • Type Of Incident

  • Location Of Incident

  • Time of incident

  • Complete description of incident/complaint with full context

  • Screenshots to back up each claim you have made

This will allow us to process your complaint or report as effectively, efficiently, and expeditiously as possible.

We realize that this doesn’t apply to the vast majority of you, in which case, keep doing a great job! Thanks a bunch to all of those setting the standard for others, it is slowly but surely working.



You will guys solve it even if the location was on Mars?!

Seriously though, I like the way of organization of the Complaint, Well done!


We refer those inquiries to Elon Musk. 😈 Thanks for your question!


I can’t afford a Ryanair Flight, you expect me to speak to The CEO of SpaceX?


Having been on the receiving end of this during the launch of IFAF. I’m glad it’s being addressed.

Thanks IFVARB!


Nice its good you guys are doing this :)


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