Complaint / behaviour about some pilots on ES

This guy was just low flying at jfk annoying everyone. He even flew through a guy that just took off. Mind you this is expert server

I believe there should be a request button to stop people like this


Pretty sure he’s reporting someone instead of saying it’s funny…


It seems like more of a complaint than a humorous photo :/.

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Right i see.

Well, that’s what happens when ATC is not present to ghost him… I hate people like this that ruin our flying experience!


Definitely should not be seeing this stuff on ES. Eventually, though, he’ll pull these antics with a moderator or controller watching and get what he deserves…


Hopefully he will

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Well, you’re actually able to report to moderator about this and they’ll handle it from there.


Moderators don’t go back and ghost people who were doing something in the past. If they catch them red handed, they will, but they usually don’t report people who committed something a member caught and wants them punished.

That’s too bad, I thought we had retroactive ghosting.

Its sad because people pay a lot of money to have a real flight experience and people like this ruin the whole experience

This shouldn’t have been happening, even though there Was no ATC at JFK, it’s EXPERT SERVER. And Approach was active too.

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How long was he doing if for?

Surely they were ghosted for that.

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I hope they were

approach can ghost too ya know :)

Exactly, Approach should have ghosted him.

Approach at different airports (EWR in this case) doesn’t have time to patrol other unmanned airports on the map. Yes I agree he should have been ghosted if there was ATC or staff there but when EWR is dealing with their own traffic they can’t babysit other airports.


😲 that really shouldn’t be happening on expert.

I agree. I had my best MD-11 landing ever at Memphis the other night and some other pilot tailgated me on final about two plane lengths back and ends up running through me when I landed. The ATC had just gone off duty like ten minutes before but I was not happy. In hindsight I should have gone around and just let them by so they could get it out of their system.


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