Complain about game getting crash

Hi there, I would like to bring your notice that my game getting crash in long-haul. its working fine 6hrs but flight crash before 40 min landing. I am an old user since 2013 I’m playing this game I’m so happy to see Kuwait airways. but cant play long haul.
requesting you please do something and give me advise on this mater.
thank you

Can you please give us more information such as your device, settings, so we can help you better?

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I have Samsung Note 9. 128 GB HDD , 6GB Ram.
75GB free space in my device. I will wait ur rply
Thnk u

@Liya_Shab is this a regular occurrence of just a singular crash? One off crashes aren’t uncommon and are usually quite difficult to trace due to their sporadic nature. This isn’t an issue related to exynos as your device is a note 9. Crashes can occur at any given time without warning, if it happens once it’s usually not worth a full investigation.

Also you are only allowed one active IFC account as per with the Tos. I expect staff will remove one of your accounts.

its happened with my game twice. and I checked in replay its crash in same way. if you want I can send you video. U can remove my Liya shab Account if you have problem with that. I am not new user for this game, many times I faced problem. I loved this game that’s why I need help.

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