Compilation of my best shots

I run an Instagram account (@infinite.flight.wallpapers) that posts Infinite Flight photos daily. Here is a selection of the best ones over the past few months!

All pictures were taken in the Expert server.

  1. Airbus A319 of Air China flying over the Himalayas. (Chengdu—Kathmandu)

  2. Boeing 777-300ER of Emirates taking off from New York. (Newark—Dubai)

  3. Boeing 777-300ER of Etihad taking off from Riyadh. (Riyadh—Abu Dhabi)

  4. Boeing 747-400 of British Airways on final in the sunset. (Denver—London)

  5. Last but definitely not least, a Boeing 737-900ER of Lion Air. (Pangkal Pinang—Jakarta)

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The BA 747 and the last picture are absolutely stunning!

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First and last pics are my favourite ;)

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Awesome! They’re great! 👍🏻😃
The 747 and Etihad 777 look like they have a little too much effects, it’s probably just me. But they’re great!

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Dude the first and 2nd one almost look real to me! Had to take a second look to take it in! Nice shots man!

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Awesome shots man!

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The second one is by far my favorite. My favorite aircraft ever!! When they add wing flex that picture will just be 🤭🥵

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The 4th one is. Just. Amazing.

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YES I can’t wait for the 777 remake. I would spend all my time in it after that.

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Yeah same. I would gladly fly only the 777 for like a month or two. My personal favorite.