Competitive Pricing

Hello all.
I realise that FDS need to make their money , however I would say that £75 for 1 year is too much £55-60 and I would certainly get it, but why should I get live for £75 when I can get x plane 11 for £60?
Just something to think about

in x-plane there are few planes, if you want higher quality plane, you have to buy it for another 50 whatever currrency, think about it


I think pricing is just right. As said above. X-Plane has few aircraft, and although alot more realistic, not everyone has access to a PC or computer capable of running X-Plane.

For the the price here you get access to proper people who want to have fun and fly normally. (Mostly). So you can compare them as much as you like. But I like it the way it is