[COMPETITION!]Maple Syrup Flyout Series Part. 1 @ CYYZ - 072200ZJUL19

Toronto Pearson Int’l Flyout!

About This Event

Toronto Pearson is Canada’s Largest, and Busiest Airports in the world. With Toronto occupying almost One Fifth of Canada’s Population, why not recreate the Air Traffic?
Toronto Pearson has over 250 flights every day with no breaks in between, which makes it needing to have lots of space. That’s one of the reasons CYYZ was Chosen.

Event Info:

Server: Training Server

Time: 2200Z, 2019-07-07T22:00:00Z

About this series:

This series of 10 Events will be hosted by me or fellow IFC members that are willing to help if I am unable to.

There will be 1 Event every month, for 10 Months, featuring one of Canada’s Airports.

Gate Info

Specific Gates will be handed out in a Group PM prior to the Event.

Terminal 1 Gates:
All Star Alliance Airlines

Terminal 3 Gates:
Other Airlines

Cargo Terminal:
Cargo Aircrafts

Required Airlines.

As we try to make this as realistic as possible, we have set Airlines and Routes that must be followed.

Commercial Airlines

Cargo Routes


Will You Be Attending?

@Ecoops123 Emirates A380 to OMDB
@Infinite_Qantas Cathay 777 to HKG
@Altaria55 AC Rouge to MUCC


Update: There will be Active ATC at the event. I will be ATC, but I will let others if they want.

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Am I limited to a specific route or can I make one when I join in?

time travel intensifies

Pretty sure you didn’t mean June 7 lol :)

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I`ll take an Emirates A380 to Dubai/DXB/OMDB at gate 173… Please can you double check for me that an A380 can fit I am away and flying on my device so I cannot see the map of IF airports.

Yes, your good! Thanks for coming!

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I meant July 7 lol

You can fly any routes listed on the list, but other routes are allowed with a connection of some sort.

We’ll see if I’m able to come, but anyways can I have a gate (I dont care with one) for Cathay Pacific to HKG?

Sure! You’ll be in Terminal 3 (gates coming soon

Aircraft: 777 (Cathay)

the title says 7th June then in the description it says 15 july…?

Small mistake, my bad

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Sorry to come up with the time again but they still do not match:

Headline says: 07 July 2019 23:00Z
Post says: 08 July 2019 22:00Z

It doesn’t say 8th…

Yeah, the edit history shows that it never said the 8th.

That’s because that’s in your timezone. It automatically converts. So, this event takes place at 2200Z. That’s midnight on July 8th for you, and July 7th at 5pm for me.

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That makes sense, and now it’s 2200Z in the post and in the headline.

Sorry if I caused any confusion with the day.

It’s all good. No worries, we all get confused about Zulu sometimes.


I’ll take a gate in an AC Rouge A319 to MUCC.