(Competed)IFAE-GAF Al Dhafra AB (OMAM) World Air Force Tour Event 192000ZJAN19

Al Dhafra Air Base Flyout GAF World Air Force Tour series vol 1. 192000ZJAN19


Authorized server operation: Expert

Departure Airbase: OMAM

January 19, 2019 8:00 PM

Aircraft: Any Air Force aircraft

Welcome to the IFAE-GAF Air Force World Tour Series. This is a relatively new event series that we will be hosting on weekends. This first event will focus on the massive Air Force base that is Al Dhafra Air Base United Arab Emirates (OMAM) plays hosts to both the national Air Force of UAE and deployed members from other allied air forces around the world. In this event pilots will identify under the 308th Air Expeditionary Wing. We will be staging a massive redeployment/ flyout from OMAM to OEPS another joint airbase. Located to the southwest of Saudi Arabia.



Flight Data Card

Flight Information

Distance to Destination: 353NM
Departure ICAO: OMAM
Dep RWY: Variable based on WX conditions
Arv RWY: Variable based on WX conditions
_Take Off Profile_15 second take-off intervals

Flight Profile

Speeds: Below 10,000 [230 KIAS] above 10,000 [300 KIAS]
Crusie Alt & Speed: 32,000 [M0.80]
Spacing info: 10 Nm
NOTAMS: Fighters will fly off wings of heavies.

Parking Information

NOTE:Most Heavy parking is reserved to the right of RWY 31R, while most FIghter Parking is to the Left of RWY 31L. If you are planning to participate Please Select from any open parking slots at OMAM. To reserve simply just sate your Pilot name, callsign and desired parking location in the reply to this thread

(Pilot) (Callsign) (Parking)
@Asneed8706 WINDS1 November apron 10 roofed
@Scott.Cooper I F A E -EURO Echo apron 1
@Evan_Westcott SAVIOR November apron 11 roofed
@PaperStream HEAT99 November apron 12 roofed
@joslleymiguel_holand JM116NH November apron 15 roofed
@Brian_Beaupre ATLAS 232 Echo apron 2
@Ryan_Vidad HP10 November apron 13 roofed
@Rocco_Palen ATLAS08 November apron 14 roofed

Looking to join the IFAE-GAF? You can apply Here and one of our recruiters will contact you. Or you can just shoot a dm to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Ask how you can serve with IFAE-GAF today!


I will take a gate please, C-17 callsign I F A E EURO


i will take a gate please
callsign JM116NH
aircraft A-10

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Ill take a gate please.
KC-10. ATLAS 232

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Got you locked in brother! See you there.

Thanks for the signup! Looking forward to the mission sir.

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