Compensation for the ATC defect?

If you’re an IOS user you might have seen in the recent days that the ATC function has been choppy, Infinite flight are still working on it as hard as they can witch im happy for that. The Hotfix 20.3 that they released is a great temporary solution for this but even then ATC messages are delayed and/or non audible. Along with these issues my Ipad (Ipad 7th generation) has been experiencing some important lag that i’ve never seen before and that must be due to the ATC messages coming tru. Even my friend who has an Ipad pro 1st gen is having the same problems as i do.

For the past few days i’ve been going to IFATC open airports and i’ve noticed that its very hard to stay focused with your flight at the same time looking out for ATC messages and i’ve nearly gotten Level 2 or 3 violations due to this.

Now onto the main topic, are we going to get any compensation from this issue? For the moment IF is still working on fixing the problems so it would be still too early and also the fact that its partially Apple IOS to blame, but it would be in the good for infinite flight to give us a free month of IF PRO to all users affected by this. This would be good for us users as we are very patient and understanding for the IF team as well to show a good commercial image to say that IF do have hiccups but we always try and put customer satisfaction first.

What do you think of this? Do you agree with me? Let me know down in the comments ill be sure to reply to as mutch of you as i can.



Compensation? This issue wasn’t their fault. It’s an issue that Apple is taking care of as we speak.

All of the functions of this simulator are still here. It just had an inconvenience of not hearing text to speech. You can play the game perfectly fine either way.

Keep in mind that the staff are working really hard to help remedy the issue. Bear with them


You request for compensation should be made to Apple, not IF.

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As mentioned, this issue was the result of some issues within Apple. Infinite Flight is doing the best they can to come up with temporary solutions and has been pushing hotfixes to address these issues. Simply stay tuned to the pinned #announcements topics and pay careful attention to any highlighted posts as these will often contain important information for workarounds.