[Compeleted]Lets bring VIDP into Action | VIDP flyout @ VIDP 010300ZJAN19

Server: Training

Airport: VIDP

Time: 0300Z

NOTAM:* This is my first proper event. VIDP is one of the most abandoned capital airports in infinite flight and you can hardly manage to find a flight taking off or landing there. The airport although being quite big hardly face any traffic. The airport has two runways and one of the most interesting ones is runway 29 which was extended and tilted at a weird angle to preserve a statue.

I will be looking to get attendees especially if you will like to join me.

There are some main routes such as the longest one in the world VIDP to KSFO which I will be doing but will make sure enough gates are left for anybody who will want to join me.



Gates Terminal 3

EY218, Etihad to Abu Dabhi 77W GATE D62 :@Amaar_viqar
AI126, AIR India to Chicago 77W GATE D60:
AI 114, Air India to Birmingham 787-8 GATE D58:
JAL 740 to Narita Intl. 789 GATE D56:
AI 183 (three people allowed) to San Francisco 788 GATE D54,52,50 respectively(mentioned after your name your name: @Nidhish_Kataria(gate 54)@Drimitl-G
AI 173 (6 people allowed) San Francisco 788 GATE D53,51,49,47,45,43( again mentioned after your name):@PocketRishi
SU 233 Aeroflot to Moscow GATE D41 A333:
SU 234 Aeroflot to Moscow GATE D39 A333:
9W122 Jey airways to London (use any livery) GATE D37 77W:
BA 142 British Airways to London Gate C27 787-10 :
MH191 Malaysian airlines to Kuala Lumpur GATE C28 A333:
AI101 air India to KJFK GATE C30:@Harish_kumar1
LH761 Lufthansa to Frankfurt A388 Gate C32:
CX694 Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong Gate C29 A333:
SQ401 to Singapore 77W GATE C33:
EK517 to Dubai 77W Gate C34:
AC045 to Vancouver 789:
MU546 to Shanghai A333:



AI349 to mumbai 788 gate B20:@Rohan625
Jet airways to Mumbai boieng 737:
Air India to VECC boeing 787-8 gate C38:@Indraniel


WIll have to be active for 1 hr
VIDP tower:@Prasoon_S
VIDP ground:@Prasoon_S
VIDP approach :@youngblood
VIDP departure:


Pls, request for a route that you want to fly and it is not present.

More Domestic routes will be added on Request.

More routes will be added when these are filled.

Form the people who are flying with me the cruise is .84 Mach and altitude is 38000ft.

ALso feel free to fly into to VIDP aswell The ATC will be active for 1 hr after start

Hope you have fun…


Hey man! Just confused about the time, in the title you say 2000Z, but in your actual post you say 0300Z.

Oh sorry it was an accident

Why dont you put global time?

I did but the title said something else so he got confused

Hi Nidhish
thanks for the initiative
love to join
sign me up

since its a flyout . maybe this will help with gates

thank you

Thank you Harish Kumar where will you go

i will be flying the route VIDP to KJFK
never made the flight till now, since its new year why not try

Sign me up as ATC ☺️

Ok Harish Kumar which ATC racerhell

@Nidhish_Kataria I will take VIDP Ground

Sure thanks for applying

NOTAM: more routes or specific routes will be added only on request

Lmao we have the same last name, you know how uncommon that is lol

Oh you are the youtuber

yup I am, I just remembered youre Etihad 418 you also make videos right

No I just chose that at random I don’t know any youtuber ethihad 418

Oh okay, Ill try coming to the event but not too sure yet
Which state are you from btw?

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Punjab but living in delhi

Tell me the route