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My phone company is cheap, so perfectly cheap that they put a 32 bit OS with a 64bit GPU.

Will infinite fight support 32 bit or is it completly discontinued?

You can still use Infinite Flight in the 20.3 version but until you upgrade your device, you won’t be able to download 21.1 and future builds.

You won’t be able to run 21.1 with a 32 bit.

Does that mean no more plane reworks

Correct, anything released after 20.3 will be inaccessible. Otherwise, the devs would have to make in-app features and improvements backward compatible. Many manufacturers moved away from 32bit systems as early 4 to 5 years ago. It’s unfortunate that some phone/tablet companies decided to mass produce devices with 64bit hardware and 32 bit operating systems.


My company is the kind of people who put motors in Teslas. Guess I’ll have to beg my parents for a new phone…

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If it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone at all. There’s a huge bunch of Samsung and Chromebook users (among others) who are in the same boat.

It’s inexplicable as to why they still keep a 32-bit OS in a 64-bit device.

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I feel like we meet before.

I think that infinite flight is limited now because of this

Unfortunately it’s not really Infinite Flight’s fault. 32-bit has been phasing out for years now. And the power is needed for buildings and clouds and new aircraft.

Good luck with getting a new device, hopefully you’ll be able to experience all of the features soon!

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I’ve been seeing some users mention them having another device that is compatible or looking to upgrade their device anyway. Kirito has a great thread for device compatibility which has some good reviews for decently priced devices once you find the right opportunity to be in the market for a new one.

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What if you get an custom rom

That’s up to you. No one but you can be held accountable for the issues that might come with it :)

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