Hi! So i bought the iphone 7 plus recently and im thinking of switching the game (infinite flight) to it because i saw alot of people saying that iphone 7 plus is best and it was a coincidence but im afraid that if i install IF and it works good but the other apps like games or media apps are slow then it will be a waste! So i was going to ask that if i install IF will all the apps work good or will hey slow down because of the game! Thanks!


Hi, how many giga bites of storage are on your phone? - Also, IF shouldn’t slow down other apps or games, It would only take up storage!


If there are other apps running, RAM will be taken up. But if nothing else is open it should run fine on a 7+ :)


I have an iPhone 7 and everything runs perfectly smooth!


The IPhone 7 is listed here so it should work just fine :)


@schyllberg might be able to help.


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