Compatibility with the Magic Keyboard

Hello, I have been flying for 1year with an Ipad 2020 12,9in and I created a support topic asking why in the command menu, the application was unable to find my magic keyboard. Back then, about a year ago, a moderator or regular said that it was not the priority at that time and it might be looked up in a near future.
Today it is still not detecting the magic keyboard and I am asking if it is possible to add this little compatibility in the next update for all the iPad users.
Also you maybe should promote this function (controlling with a keyboard) because not many people know that it exists.
Thanks for this amazing job !

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This topic would actually be better suited as a feature request in #features if you’d want to request it.

i do not know because it is at the same time “why does the app can’t recognise my keyboard ?”

well the answer to your question is like you said:

this isn’t a feature of the app; however, if you would like to see this feature, as you said here

the best way to do that is to make a feature request, like stated here

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