Compass VA Grand Opening @ KEWR - 081500ZOCT16

Training Server 1

New York Region


1500Zulu (11AM Eastern, 10AM Central, 8AM Pacific)

-Come in any United (Continental) livery plane
-Copy Compass 001’s Flight Plan
-Follow Compass 001
-Follow ATC Instructions (If there are any)
-Follow all IF rules (taxi speed, airspeed, etc.)
-Cruise Altitude FL120
-Cruise Speed 260 kts airspeed

If we could get any ATC that would be great:

SWF Tower: Open
SWF Ground: Open
SWF Departure: Open
EWR Tower: Open
EWR Ground: Open
EWR Approach: Open

Also come with a Compass Callsign for event:

Compass 06: @michri_a_kattar
Compass 07: Open
Compass 08: Open
Compass 09: Open
Compass 10: Open
Compass 11: Open
Compass 12: Open
Compass 13: Open
Compass 14: Open
Compass 15: Open

Thanks For Your Time

Looks cool, would come if I could. :)

I’m joining too!!

I’m in too!!

They said call sign too long

FYI my call sign is MICHRI

How to copy flight plan

Isn’t there anybody in the airport? Cancelled???

Seems like there are a few

I have no idea how to copy someone’s flight plan?

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