Compass Radial on ATC

Just getting comfy with ATC and in the tutorials I see a compass radial over laid over the Airport. How can I do the same?

As far as I know the compass was removed. At least I can’t find a way to enable it.


Maybe with the “Drag” functionality the vectoring was made easier and compass overlay not needed.


I would be interested to know what ATC video you watched. Can you share?

Remember that most of the IFATC tutorials were created before Global came out, and we still had a terrain map on our radar screen, and other capabilities. So it could be that what you see today is different from the training videos.

Will IF ever re make the tutorials?

@Bobby_Burg who needs a compass. The map is set out

Hi there!

I’m sure at some point they will, due to the fact that lots of their tutorials were made before Global came out. Although they are still valid, and you can still take some tips from them! (I know I do)



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Yes, that is the reason. The new vectoring feature made the compass unneeded :)

Yes, as far as I know this is the reason why it was removed.

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Thanks for the responses

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