Compass Airlines Collapses & Ceases Operations

Compass Airlines has announced it will be ceasing all operations.

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Compass Airlines, a regional carrier that operates on behalf of American Eagle and Delta Connection, has announced it will be shutting down and ceasing all operations.

Unfortunately, Compass Airlines is the next victim of COVID-19 as air travel demand continues to plummet.

On April 7, 2020, Compass Airlines will completely shut down and cease operations as both American and Delta continue to reduce their capacity.

Back in August 2019, Delta Air Lines decided to reduce the number of regional carriers operating for Delta Connection, one of them being Compass Airlines, so Delta terminated their contract.

This contract was supposed to terminate Compass Airlines’ flying for Delta within the next year, which would leave Compass Airlines solely flying for American Eagle.

However, this obviously did not go to plan. Delta Air Lines just announced a 70% capacity cut, which has accelerated Delta’s termination with Compass Airlines to the end of March 2020.

Then, as Compass Airlines was supposed to solely operate for American Eagle from its Los Angeles hub, the regional carrier expected to be alright.

However, as American Airlines is also impacted by this crisis, the airline also announced significant capacity cuts.

According to Compass’ CEO Rick Leach, the cuts to American Eagle’s flights operated by Compass Airlines in Los Angeles were “deeper than they feared”.

Compass Airlines operates 20 Embraer E-175s for American Eagle. These aircraft will be transferred to other carriers that operate for American Eagle.

Compass Airlines is a subsidiary of Trans States Holdings. Another one of Trans States Holdings’ subsidiaries, “Trans States Airlines”, which operates for United Express, will be shutting down on April 1. (More on this here: Trans States Airlines Is Shutting Down (EARLY) + Huge United Express Fleet Shakeup)


First Delta E170 -
Second Delta E170 -
American E175 -
United ERJ-145XR -
Compass Airlines announcement -

Unfortunately, this may not be the last airline to collapse during this crisis. Hopefully this situation ends quickly and airlines survive.


I feel sad @Ishrion. Almost cried there… :(


I’m really starting to loathe this virus…

Rip Compass


I think one of the important things to note here is that COVID-19 is not the sole reason for their shutdown. It was only a matter of time that they were going to close their doors as a result of losing contracts with Delta and American over the last few years. This just happened to be the final nail in the coffin unfortunately.


I literally had JUST-and I mean JUST hung up the phone with a dear friend who’s a captain for compass who’d said they were waiting on American to give them jets and routes to fly since Delta took theirs back and gave them to scabwest and they were hoping to keep around 200 pilots out of the 400 total. He had to take another call-within minutes he texted me back to say “they’re closing the doors”



never expected that in 100 years 😪

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Just read about it. It’s a shame but that is the cruel reality we have to endure. Their logo was also reminiscent of Northwest, so I’m really bummed that the NWA heritage will end


Is Delta’s triangle logo what’s left of Northwest?

Logo straight from NWA

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Interesting and sad development. I always thought there would be long term contracts between the mainline airlines and the regional carriers preventing such a thing from occurring, but apparently this isn’t the case.

Hoping for a good/acceptable outcome for the employees!

Also once again a very well made post @Ishrion!

I’m really sad about this one. 😔

Ughhhhhh!!! This is so much of the traffic we get into LAX. I’ve been on Compass many times. Very very sad and disappointing.


Go Jet might be next ☹️

I’d be surprised if GoJet falls. They just secured a bunch of new CRJ-550s for United.

Go jet is part of TSH. I hope you are right though

Another one bites the dust

… Well, we knew that the virus was and still is going to have a huge impact on the travel sector of the world. Hope that most of the airlines can get through this virus.

Yeah. I think you’re right. I had always thought Compass was going to go before TSA but it’s been proven otherwise.

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What? I talked to them during the last few career fairs.

The last piece of Northwest’s history is now gone.

Yes I know it was operated by Delta Connection, But Compass was made by Northwest Pilots, and operated exclusively for Northwest Airlink before they merged with Delta.

Sad to see another carrier go