Comparison before and after HD scenary at the ATC location (MPTO)

Hi guys!
As you know today we had ATC at Panama City (MPTO) and I wanted to make a comparison with the new HD scenario at the place, I had some shots saved as it was before and I took advantage that it was the turn here, I took a shot today and compared. Difference is notorious that I wanted to share. Now every detailed corner with this incredible update will be incredible to discover.

1.This image was taken a month ago and you can see how it was before, Training Server.

2.This image was taken today shortly before my arrival at MPTO, Expert Server.

3. This is today in my final approach, Copa 683, Expert Server.

The difference is obvious and seeing MPTO full for the first time was fantastic, thanks to the developers and the ATC team for making this possible.! :)


Its like it got a huge makeover!


Love the new scenery update! It looks so clean 👍

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Nice pictures too!

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awesome love Panamas new scenery 🇵🇦