Comparison: A320 family vs B737 family.

Wikpedia does a decent job

Only in IF ;). Not a giant fan of NGs without split scimitars and I love the IAE sharklet combo for A320s more. That and the model and quality of the A320s in IF is better-I’m not flying 737s anymore, only A320s! Real life 737s are more appealing. I’d snatch a 737-200 anyday


I can land a Airbus without floating 90% of the time…

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Watch a 737-900 cockpit video and they always land at 150kts in order to avoid a tail strike due to its long fuselage.
737-800 is typically 144kts and the 737-700, 138kts.
But weight and weather are major influences so these speeds do change accordingly.

In IF, the 737s have noticeably more gear and flap drag than the A318-A321 family, which is why the 737 slows quicker on flare.

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