Comparing a350 to Boeing 777-200LR

I am used to the a350 exclusively but decided to give the 777 a try, due to the upcoming update. Is their any advice you guys have as how the two planes compare in the sim. Off the back it definitely is flying much heavier. Anything I should expect on approach and what about final landing speed?

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That’s very hard to explain in words. I can recommend flying the 772 with different weight on departure and take off and you‘ll get a feeling for it 🙂 Just try it

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Its very difficult to slow down, so make sure ur flying at a steady speed before you start descent when established on the localizer

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I think personally, the a350 feels much lighter and more agile for its size. It’s quite easy to control at lower speeds. Remember that the current 777 has very old handling, and the reworked 777 has brand new ones, which are much much better to fly with. It still feels heavy though, as it should considering the size of the aircraft.

Advice given on the current 777 will likely not apply to the new one when released, trust me it will be much nicer to fly and control, though still feeling heavy. Having flown both, I still prefer and find the a350 easier to fly 🤷


I cant right now cuz I am mid-flight! going from OPKC to KLAX

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The 777 is a plane that tends to speed up quickly, so be aware for your descents. Final approach speed is sightly more than the A350, around 155kts. Par se the 777 is a more powerful aircraft than the A350, but a bit older. In terms of Infinite Flight, as we do not implement the Airbus’s Fly-BY-Wire laws (Normal, Alternate…) you will not see a huge difference in terms of technologies.

You must take into account that the 777 also have more weight, and you need to be aware at the time of fly, careful with the bank angles with the 777.

I am not an expert on comparing the A350 and the 777, but expect a more in-depth essay when updates appear!

Keep it on the skies

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I fly the 777-200ER British Airways its a very nice airplane very quick on turns and it climbs quickly even on a heavy flight.just make sure when you decent to start decent at 100nm because it decent quick and sometimes you’re gonna use spoilers to make you’re speed lower.Its a very snappy plane and everytime I fly I learn something new about the plane but it flies like a dream on longhauls.

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