Commuter Terminal @ KSAN

So I am making an event for KSAN and websites say that the commuter terminal no longer exists. Why is it still in IF? Or do they still use it?

The terminal building still does exist but these days it houses administration. Planes don’t dock there any longer since 2015.

I’m not sure why it’s still in Infinite Flight. Technically it still does exist but it’s just not being used. I don’t know the Airport Editing Teams policy here. Maybe someone else can help out with that.


@George_Alazar, airport editors are supposed to include basically every piece of pavement in a certain airport. For KSAN, while the terminal is not being used anymore, the ramp is still there, along with the taxiway markings. Therefore, they should be included in the airport.


Okay thank y’all

Closed by OP request.