One thing I love about the community is that everyone is so nice and welcome, it just brings me into consideration that there are some really nice pilots out there!
I’ve been on IF for a few years now and I just love the experiences you have and the people you meet, it’s insane!


Yeah fully agree

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I agree, its been great fun and I’m happy to have met all the people I’ve met and all the people I will meet!

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Agree, if you need a flight partner just PM me!


Yes! Such a woundeful place! :D

Listen I have had my ups and downs but overall this place in an amazing community I feel like some things can change but nothing major overall I give this community a 10/10

I agree! Everyone is so amazing and the IF staff is so caring and helpful! I have learned many things here and I plan to stay here very long

I’ll keep that in mind, same goes for me!

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