First of all, this is not in #meta, because it is not related to the workings pf the forum itself. It is rather about all of the community. I do not want to hear “get your crap together” for not even a mistake.

And with that last sentence, lets begin. So, as some of You may or may not know, I was suspended for 2 years, because I was 11 and very immature. Since then I have improved myself, my mentality, my overall manners when dealing with people.

Unfortunately, when I joined back, I got some pretty bad replies until this moment in time. Some include “get your crap together”, “if you’re so smart” when I was doing nothing wrong and was correct.

Other instances include manerless replies over a mistake. No matter how old or young, how mature or ommature we are, we all make mistakes. I’ve gotten rude replies like “stop spreading misinformation” or general hate speech over a mistake.

I applaud @Nate_Schneller and the @moderators (and everyone else who does) for politely fixing my mistakes, asking to make sure and/or giving advice. I am not going to be pointing fingers at who did what wrong, but I ask all of You to just calm down, drink some tea and stop the negativity when something’s wrong with Your life or someone else’s stuff.

At this point I’ve received so much of the things mentioned above or witnessed them, that I have mixed feelings about staying in the community.

I am sorry,
Ignas P.


No problem! Everyone deserves a 2nd chance to become more polite and mature. Welcome back!


The biggest thing in life is learning from your past. You will never make everyone happy and it is all about choosing your battles on what you let get to you. Welcome back.


@Chris_S couldn’t have said it better. Everyone here has one thing in common, we all love aviation. This community is a great place as most people are incredibly nice. I really hope you enjoy IF and the community for many years to come. Happy flighting!



Welcome back. :) I’m more than happy to give you a second chance!


Having looked at your recent activity I can see the changes you have made in your interactions here, most likely as you said due to maturity as a result of growing up. Welcome back and keep it up.


Welcome back to the forum and you’re very welcome!

Everyone here has made mistakes (I actually got kicked or otherwise banned from Global’s Beta, because I was new to app testing in general and I started out on a big update, long story short. Nearly left Infinite Flight entirely). But learning from the bad experience had, I came back a regular. I hope at the maturity you’re at now you get to be a regular someday. Cheers and Smooth Skies! 😉


Welcome back to the forum, you have matured a great deal and it is always good to see that, glad to have you back

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Welcome back!
Thanks for admitting your faults that’s extremely mature of you. Don’t forget where you came from but continue on and grow.


Good luck on your second chance, abmiting your fult is the best first step you could have taken!

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Also, you my friend are going to run out of likes soon… 😂

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Thank You all for the wonderful support You are giving!

Growing up I’ve dealt with a lot of hate speech and rudeness in general, that might have been why I was how I was two years ago. This post was to clear my name and start fresh and also to spread the message of being kind to one and other, less rude.

I want to thank all of You for replying and helping me in ways that You might not even know how important they are to me. You’ve all made my mind up and I am staying here for as long as I can!

Happy flying & goodnight!


Welcome back great sir, it is a very manly and mature trait to admit your faults and mistakes. We have all done something dumb atleast once in our lives but the best we can do is admit our faults and do better and not let anyone get the best of us.

Congratulations are in order for @Ignas04 and we all wish him a better stay here on the forums.

Onward and Upward!


Welcome back. Good on you for posting this. Admitting mistakes and forgiveness are two great virtues we have as people. I would be nowhere without these.

You’re allright in my book.
Great chance for you now, to be a great example to the many youngsters we have here.

Happy flying.


Welcome, I’m glad to know you’re back !! My story is similar

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There’s nothing better than admitting your mistakes and saying sorry to those you have offended! Anyways welcome back to the community! Everyone deserves a second chance.

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