Community WebSite - Email Verification not received


I Would like to report a bug (I think so) not on IF but on this website.
I have just tried to sign up with a gmail address but didn’t receive any “verification e-mail”.
(So i finally signed up using facebook)

I have checked my spam folder of course. And it has been 1 hour ago.

Hope it could helps someone to check for a problem on verification e-mail ?

I just checked, your account is properly activated. No further action is required :)

Welcome to the forum!

We are a great community, here :)

hello, sorry maybe i was not clear :

  • my account “thms999” is OK (created with facebook).
  • But I did a first attempt with username “thoms999” (created with gmail) and this one is KO. (never received the “verification e-mail”)

I resent it. Let me know if you don’t receive it.

No… Not better… after 10 min.
I refresh gmail, I check spam folder. => I did not receive any e-mail on my gmail address.

I’ll send you a private message shortly about this.