Community Voting for airports

It would be interesting to also put-up polls for community voted airports as well, not just aircraft. What do y’all think of the idea

I don’t think this will work as the Airport Editors don’t take requests.

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Our airport editing team is made up of volunteers . Relaxing though it may be to sit down and dedicate a solid 12 hours to building an airport from scratch, it’s still a lot of work. As a result, our airport editors are free to start any airport they like. Our team may suggest airports based on aircraft being added or reworked, but ultimately our editors work on what excites them. (copied from the blog)


I sent an application to the airport editing for editiors but i don’t know where to see if it was accepted

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You will get a DM from DeerCrusher when you are accepted. However the wait seems to be a while I applied back in the summer and still waiting) + there is a freeze on acceptances at the moment.

a DM on this platform?

Yes. You will get a DM here on the IFC.

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I’ve submitted my application. How will I know if I’ve been accepted?

You’ll receive a message from @ DeerCrusher notifying you that you have been added to the scenery editing group. The message will include a link to the Discord server, as well as other useful information that you will need to get started with editing.

How will I know if I’ve been accepted or rejected?

Barring a few individuals who might not be accepted due to suspended accounts or other reasons that are not disclosed to the public, almost everybody who applies will be accepted. So long as you have a valid IFC account, you will be assigned a group internally and an invitation will be sent in due course.

Which group am I in and when will my group be added?

You won’t be told of the group that you’re assigned to. This is something that will be kept internal for the foreseeable future. As for when you are going to be added, this will highly depend on how the previous group progresses. If the most recently added group proves to have a handful of people who might be slower to progress than others, then the next group and all subsequent groups will be delayed.

Copied from LordWizrak FAQ reply

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