Community Twitter Account List [Wiki]

Community Twitter Account List

Infinite Flight Staff Accounts

The accounts have been split into 4 categories, aviation, Infinite Flight related, VA/VO and other/personal.

Aviation: All things aviation related
Infinite Flight Related: All things Infinite Flight
VA/VO: For Infinite Flight VA/VO’s
Other/Personal: For all things personal and or features things that aren’t aviation related.

If you want yours added post below a link to your account and one of the Regulars will add you to the list. Make sure you add what category it goes under.



Infinite Flight Related



IFATC Education Group



This thread this a Wiki meaning anyone with TL3 and higher can edit it freely. Please keep all accounts in alphabetical order. This isn’t moderator approved, yet, I have asked them but they are yet to respond.

Inspired by @Hamza.N: Community Instagram Accounts


I will start off

This is a mostly Infinite Flight based account

  • question: can also suggest other accounts we dont own? For example VAs accounts?
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I would prefer you request your own account.

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For personal use.

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All done now mate.

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what’s a twitter

Thanks bud!

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Getting you in.
Edit: done is mine!

Wasn’t entirely sure on what category to put yours under because you’ve only got one post, I’ve put it under “Infinite Flight” for now.

It will be an aviation one

Okay, I’ll move it to the aviation category

Just bumping into this topic…

Here’s my Twitter account:
I’m not sure if this is IF-Related since I also post other non-IF stuff. And I’m also not sure if this can still be added…

Is it still possible for this to get updated, or has it passed the time limit?

Us Regulars can still update it