Community Scenery

Before I say anything else- I realise 'Google/photo realistic ’ scenary has been requested many times before and there are licencing issues - this is a different slant before you lock me down ;)

I just wondered what people’s thoughts were regarding a community effort?

What I mean is, that users dedicating time for free have made some of the airports really detailed, with textures for buildings/gates that negate the need for 3D buildings until the tech we use catches up. Being the scenery seems (please correct me if wrong :) ) to be a patchwork or greenery and city scape, I’d love to see more variation/less obvious ‘pieces’ - by the community updating these in the same way airports have.

I’m not saying it’s possible, or even essential - but as we’ve seen, 2 heads are better than one (many hands make light work ;) ). If it looks poor for an area, you could always select ‘default’ until finished?

If nothing else, it’d keep the community quiet for a while ;) (the devil makes work for idle hands :D ) - ok, enough ‘sayings’…you can lock me down now ;) - Chris


We already have a lot of people working on the airport editing team. I would think even more people would like to commit some time for 3D buildings.

I think I’d just like to see more accurate/varied depictions on the approaches :) - 3D would be nice, but think that’s a memory issue (perhaps more scenery in general would generate the same issue though?)

I see where your going with this and I totally agree!

There should be a whole community vote on which scenery the community wants to add. We could do this with aircrafts as well, In the near future :D

Can you imagine the ‘inappropriate plane’ spotted threads if there was an plane livery editor tool open to all ;) - sure would be amusing though ;) :p

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