Community Requested Pt. 2

You all wanted part two, so here it is. All pictures were taken months, and maybe even years ago. Some edited, some not, and I honestly don’t remember all locations. Most of them were taken in the US, with some exceptions. All of these are from ES.

I like being authentic with editing, and lazy, so these don’t have Lightroom effects. :(

If you like them, let me know down below. Besides that, thanks for stopping by. If you read this far, congratulations, you just earned a trophy.🏆


Dunno what this guy is doing. Seems like he’s asking for a G/A, but thanks for the photo buddy. 🤷‍♂️


KLM, anyone? Orange is tough with this livery.


Don’t the lift lines at Jacksonhole (ski resort in Wyoming) seem like this? Fun fact, some approaches into Jackson actually get a good view of the resort.


What you looking at Eurowings? 👀

@Waffs tagged along as my First Officer. Filed a formal complaint with corporate because he would play to much chess on the flight deck.

Like the photos? Guess what you can do? Like em, comment on them down below, or just watch and head out! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Want a part #3? Ask. If I’m gonna make my lazy self do it, I need lots of demand. How else am I gonna be pulled away from Ski season?