Community Ranking?

So im a basic user,but what are the other ranks? what can i and cant do?

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Member, regular, leader.

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Thanks. but what are the permissions i get with them?

As a basic you can post in anything *but #features,#live:events and #live:va
Member allows you to post in the three topics above.
Regular allows you to move categories, rename titles and a secret category.

arrgh i just made my VA! too bad i cant post about it. how do i rank up?

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Mainly reading and viewing posts:)

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Ive read plenty, already 2hours worth in 5 days

Thanks though. :D

Rank up by reading posts, replying and liking and not being flagged for doing wrong things.

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It takes more that that.

Anyway keep reading , posting and liking and you’ll be a regular in no time.

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It’s more about how many instead of how much time.

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so i found this:

and ive done everything except 15 days. do i REALLY have to wait that long?

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if so,ok then. ugh I want to post about mah VA! well i will just wait then

Those are just the default requirements. They have been tweaked a bit for our forum.

oh. do i have do more? i mean,is there a place where i can find details?

No, you’re probably close Though, just keep reading:)

ok, Thanks man!

The TL2 rule for VAs is there to promote good quality VAs. I.e not ones that someone thought about 5mins ago.

A VA takes a lot of work so stick with it.

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Ive taken more time making it than my reading time on this website.

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