Community Project: American State Capitals

^ This one’s for you



I sent KMSP in for review a few days ago. I hope you enjoy it ;)


He could start a German airport project, but that was useless, all the major airports (ICAO code EDD-) are done including disused Tempelhof Airport. Smaller airports like Memmingen, Kassel or Frankfurt Hahn are done as well, few are missing. When it comes to GA Bavaria will be the place to go - My aim is to finish all of them before the global update :)

KLAN has been approved.

Can’t edit my top post anymore. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is why we can’t have nice things…

I’m having that same issue with Project Michigan, its totally annoying.

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Hello everyone!
Been a while since I gave the last update of this project on this thread. That’s mainly because I wasn’t actively editing US Capitals recently, but I’m planning to get back to it very soon.

As I can’t edit the top post anymore, I made this Google Sheet with the very most recent progress status of the project and I will also update the sheet everytime something is done. I might also add a few extra statistics to it soon, not sure yet.
Check the progress board here:

I’d also like to thank the many contributors to this project for moving it forward. We already have got well over 50%, so it’s not too far off anymore!

Have a great day everyone!


How long does it take you guys to make these?

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That depends on the time we spend editing. And please avoid commenting in #developer if you’re not a contributor, thanks.


KAUG – Augusta State Airport:


General Aviation Ramp & Hangar Area:

Part of Project New England.


Yes! I love PHX! Thank You For Doing This! :)

Yay! KIND love the work and dedication!

What about IAD and the National Capital?

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This project is only for US state capitals, KDCA doesn’t serve a US state capital, so as KIAD.

Since KIAD has A380 services, it was made under the Project A380:



Okay that was error on my part. I’m sorry :)

You’re welcome. Always glad to contribute :)

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KCON - Concord Municipal Airport, New Hampshire:


General Aviation Ramp & Hangars:


Just because this topic is a little old doesn’t mean I still can’t update everyone!

I will be starting work this afternoon on KTLH (Tallahassee, FL). Stay tuned! :)

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